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  • What makes PHD Customs stand out from the rest?
    It's well known that there is plenty competition in this market, however the biggest players out there have become complacent and have significantly lowered the quality of the products they produce. At PHD Customs we strive everyday to improve the already excellent quality in our products. Furthermore throughout the years stainless steel products have been regarded as necessarily overpriced and we are the first to prove that theory wrong delivering great quality at very competitive prices.
  • Is all stainless steel made equal?
    Not all stainless steels are equal, there are many different stainless steel alloys with different properties for different applications. We use one of the best stainless alloys available which is 304. This alloy also known as non-magnetic stainless steel offers even better corrosion resistance than other alloys. Even though some of our competitors market their bumpers as stainless steel they hide the fact that they use 430 which has less corrosion resistance.
  • ¿Cómo puede editar o quitar el título de las preguntas frecuentes?
    Puedes editar el título desde la pestaña de opciones en la app. Si no quieres mostrar el título, desactiva la opción desde 'Información a mostrar'.
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